Although the foundation was a result of the loss of CJ, it would have never existed if Dan Daddio did not introduce the founding president to CJ on afternoon at the Golden Rail in Fall of 1997. From that point it was only a matter of time before CJ’s character and charisma became an inspirational and invaluable element of the Rutgers Cheerleading Team.

Initially CJ’s family and friends gathered to honor CJ a few months after his passing. The first event was held in a backyard of a close friend in south Jersey. The annual event began to grow as more people became aware of the desire to officially honor the life and character of CJ. Although it may have taken several years to get everything in place, the CJ Liegel Foundation was officially established in 2013.

The 1st scholarship was awarded on April 9th, 2014. The CJ Liegel Foundation Scholarship was awarded to Marquis Johnson.