April 14, 2013

April's Agenda

Revise Mission Statement:

To encourage team members to help create a cohesive team environment and enrich the experience of his/her fellow teammates through the promotion of positive competition while maintaining high standards of sportsmanship.

Define the Foundation's objective:

To award a monetary scholarship to the individual best exemplifies the goals of the foundation.

Discuss the nomination process:

Nominations will be excepted by the head coach at the beginning of the spring semester for all eligible team members. Nominations will consist of a narrative describing how the nominee personally and team environment and strive to represent the goals of the foundation. Nominations cannot be self submitted.

Selection process:

Selection committee will consist of several alumni team members with input from both the head coach and senior team captain. Scholarship will be awarded at the team's Spring banquet.


All underclassmen (non-seniors) are eligible. However any violation of team policy will disqualify the team member for that year's selection process.


Recipient will receive financial scholarship and plaque indicating his or her selection. Monetary value will be determined by donations received annual summer fundraiser and any additional contributions received throughout the year. (minimum value $500.00)

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